Sound therapy is nothing new to mothers who have long used lullabies to soothe their babies.
Using sound as an alternative therapy is embraced by many. With the right sounds, you can align yourself with the vibrations that foster health, happiness and unity. Different frequencies target the various densities in the body and vibration massages can elevate the body’s cells to a healing state.

The sound is always different and heals me as well. “It’s intuitive. I’m guided by what my being senses the person needs to hear.

Gong Spaceship

The gong purifies and quietens the mind. It literally cuts through the linear mind and clears the clutter from the subconscious mind to reveal the radiant and authentic self. It has the capacity to bring us to our neutral mind that is wise and non-judgmental. It helps turn the mind to zero, a state of stillness where innate wisdom can be accessed. Another benefit that comes from the mind stilling, is repair at the DNA and cellular level allowing deep healing to take place. Within the name of GONG lies the sacred seed ONG. Ong is creative consciousness manifested. It is the penetration of the Om power in the material world. When you listen deeply to the gong, the sound of Ong is reverberating and penetrating our being helping to raise our consciousness.


The monochord is an ancient instrument invented by Pythagoras. He realised through exploring music ratios and harmonics that certain intervals in music had a profound and healing effect not just on humans, but certain ratios also governed the movement of planets.  One such interval having healing properties is a perfect fifth which the monochord uses for healing. As the monochord is being played, the vibration goes directly into your body.  Each cell starts to resonate with the healing harmonics of the monochord, helping the cells to come back into holistic resonance and optimum functioning as far as nature allows.  It is like having a sonic massage.  You are being bathed from head to toe in healing resonance. Like other kinds of meditation, this can help us be more internally aware while being more present in the moment and connected with our surroundings.